Just Us Girls


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A 12-week Bible study on being God’s girl in middle school. Are you a front row, straight A student? Are you a girly girl? Are you one tough cookie? Are you an easy going friend? Take our fun personality quiz to find out which chapter will be most helpful for you.

Middle school isn’t easy.

It’s when you’re figuring out who you are, who you hang out with, and what you believe. It’s when friends become enemies and boys become…cute. It’s obvious we need some girl time. I’ll bring the discussion. You bring the chocolate.

We all need a day now and then when it’s Just Us Girls.

Life gets tough. People get mean. How do we push through? What does God’s plan mean for our lives? What does it mean to be God’s girl in middle school? Well, that’s what Just Us Girls is all about. Together we’re going to search the Word of God and find out:

* who you were meant to be
* what to do about drama
* where to find a good friend
* how beautiful you really are
* why God picked you to change the world

Just Us Girls can be used as a personal devotional and a group Bible study.


9 thoughts on “Just Us Girls

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  2. I’m trying to locate the study guide for “Just Us Girls”. The book says we can download extra copies from the website hannahrosed dot com but that website no longer exists. Please help!


  3. What are some good ice breaker games? You mentioned in the leader guide that you had some ice breakers on your website but i don’t see any. Any thoughts?


    • Hi Toni! I’ve yet to publish my ice breaker resources (but don’t worry, they’re on their way!). Until then, here are a few of my favorite ice breakers: 1. Food. Kids love food, and even Jesus used food in His ministry. When you get people eating a meal together, it helps them to relax and start talking. 2. Games. Any games, card games, board games, interactive games. Some of my favorites: capture the flag, spoons, “Captain’s Coming,” “Museum.” (All of the rules for these games are available online.) 3. Conversational questions: You can get a lot of kids to open up and talk by asking them conversational questions. Things like, “What would you do with one million dollars?” and “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?” I usually start my Bible studies with a question like this. It’s fun for them to answer, and it teaches you a lot about your kids! Hope that this is helpful!


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