Just Us Girls II is Here!

 Just Us Girls is NOW AVAILABLE
in both Kindle and Print on

“What if you wrote a book for middle school girls?”

Those words launched a book idea that changed everything for me. When Volume I of Just Us Girls released in 2014 it was little more than an experiment. After all, there weren’t many other books like it. Industry professionals told me that there was no market for this book.

Three years later, thousands of girls all over the world have read the little twelve-week Bible study about being God’s girl in middle school.

I have prayed for them, chatted with them, and seen their groups huddled in living rooms via Skype.

I’ve heard their stories, their griefs, and their struggles.

I have watched them rise to the challenge of becoming dream-chasers, world-changers, and warriors.

And I have noticed a common theme.

While these girls were pursuing God, and striving to be the young women God created them to be, they were losing their confidence. The pressures of school, friends, and boys had started to get to them.

“I wish I looked like her.”

“The boys in my class say I’m annoying.”

“My best friend won’t talk to me.”

Each time I heard their stories, I flashed back to my own middle school experience. I remembered feeling awkward, nervous, and insecure, terrified that no one would like me.

Nothing drains our confidence like middles school. How many of us carry around the insults, embarrassments, and insecurities we collected as pre-teens?

How many of us still cringe at the things we said when we were twelve?

How many of us lost our confidence at age eleven?

How many of us still haven’t found it?

Our God has promised His daughters confidence. We were not created to live in insecurity. We were created to live a limitless adventure of faith.

Just Us Girls II Available Now

Just Us Girls II attacks tough issues head on. These twelve chapters discuss twelve areas of insecurity that every middle school girl deals with. This book covers everything from self-worth to finding your secret weapon. How do you deal with bullies? What do you when your crush doesn’t like you back? How should you choose your friends? The answers to all of these questions are found in God’s Word, and together, we’re going to find out what the Scriptures have to say about our confidence.

These middle school girls are burning with a passion for Jesus. They are starting Bible studies at their schools and reaching their generation with the gospel. Satan would love nothing more than to suffocate their joy and steal their confidence.

Not on my watch.

You can download Just Us Girls II as a Kindle book for $4.29,
or order the paperback for just $9.99!


2 thoughts on “Just Us Girls II is Here!

  1. Way to go Hannah! May it fly off the cyber shelf! So happy for all the Lord is doing for and through lovely you!

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