Dare Greatly Release

New Bible Study

It’s finally here! Dare Greatly is available for pre-order, and for a limited time you can pre-order it at Amazon.com for just $2.99.


I am so excited to share this book with all of you. When Just Us Girls: A Bible Study on Being God’s Girl in Middle School was published in 2014, lots of people asked if I would write a book for teens, and quite honestly the idea terrified me.

In many ways Just Us Girls had been a book on how to survive middle school. I wasn’t sure if I could write a survival book for teens. Personally, I was just thanking the Lord above that I survived high school. I was not about to tell other people how to do it.

So I stared at my computer screen and tried think of what I would say to girls in high school. I was drawing a blank. What did they need to know? What did they want to talk about? Helpless, I reached out to some of the girls groups I’ve chatted with.

And they blew my mind.

New Bible study for Teenage Girls

I had expected them to want a book on how to deal with crushes and acne. Nope. Not these girls.

“What does the Bible really say about modesty?”

“Can you write a chapter on anxiety?”

“How do I know if a guy is the one God has for me?”

These girls are extraordinary! They were starting on-campus Bible studies. They had radical testimonies. They didn’t just want to simply survive. They wanted to change the world.

So I shut my computer, and picked up my journal. And I wrote a letter.

Daily Devotional for Teen Girls

Dear Teenage Girl,

This world will tell you that you’re not smart enough, pretty enough, or significant enough to make a difference. But I am telling you that your God wants you right now, just as you are! Because the world might look at us and see someone worth passing over, but do you know what I see when I look at you?

I see passion that has been dampened by precaution.
I see faith that has been choked out by fear.
I see dreams that are treading the waters of your doubt.
I see the warrior inside you.
I see the scars you try to hide, and I know that God can use them to transform the lives of others.
I see the spark of the Divine in your incredible mind.
I see the struggling flicker of hope that the world has tried to suffocate.
When I look at you, I see God’s game-changer.

This letter became the basis for a book that has reached into the deepest places in my heart.

These girls are craving more than a book that simply deals with their issues. They are craving a challenge, a dare.

Alex and Brett Harris

Instead of addressing ten issues,
this book issues ten dares.

Because we weren’t created to live “okay” lives. We were created to

  • Live our lives Exceptionally
  • Wait for our future spouse Patiently
  • Conquer our fears Courageously
  • Adorn ourselves Valiantly
  • Run this race of faith Dauntlessly
  • Fight our spiritual battles Relentlessly
  • Transform our lives Endlessly
  • Trust our Lord Faithfully
  • Go into this dark world Boldly
  • Walk out our beliefs Confidently
  • And Dare Great things for the Kingdom of God


Every week, the girls will be given a chapter and five daily devotionals that directly go after these subjects. They will dig into the Word of God to find out how exactly what He says about how they live their lives, not someday, but right now.

Downloadable Resources


If you want to do this study as an individual or as a group, there will be downloadable resources available here on the website in both Word Document and PDF format.  These will include:

  • A Leader Guide
  • Weekly Memory Verse Cards
  • Word of the Week Cards
  • Quote of the Week Cards

The Leader Guide is complete with discussion questions and additional materials to share with your girls. If this is your first time leading a Bible study, the leader guide will walk you through step by step with fun ideas, tips, and tricks on leading a girls group. However, if you’ve led your share of youth groups, you’ll find it flexible and easy to work with.

Weekly Memory Verse Cards are a great way to get your students to commit God’s Word to memory. Each chapter centers on a particular verse or passage of Scripture. These cards will be a great way for them to meditate on the principals they’ve been studying.

Word of the Week Cards are an in-depth study tool that allow you and your girls to really dig into the truths they study. Along with the verse, each of the ten chapters centers on aparticular Greek or Hebrew word that is deeper than our English translation. These cards give a simple definition that will give the girls a better understanding of the verses.

Quote of the Week Cards are pure fun. Every chapter was inspired by one of my favorite quotes. Girls love a good quote. (Case in point: Pinterest.) These quotes have been set on photo cards for the girls to take home, pin to their cork boards, tape to their mirrors, or take artsy Phhhotos of. 😉


Just a few more weeks, and this book will be available in Kindle, Print, and eventually audiobook as well.

I can’t wait to share this book with you guys!


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